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26 May 2023

This report describes the Māori Data Governance Model that has been designed by Māori data experts for use across the Aotearoa New Zealand public service. Māori data is a taonga thatrequires culturally grounded models of protection and care. The Model provides guidance for the system-wide governance of Māori data, consistent with the Government’s responsibilitiesunder te Tiriti o Waitangi.

Māori Data Governance: Welcome

Māori Data Governance Model Media Release

Māori Data Governance: Welcome
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In 2020, Data ILG led a Māori Data Governance co-design process between te ao Māori leaders, including iwi and national Māori leaders, representatives of Māori organisations with data interests, and individual Māori data experts, and 16 Crown agencies.

The primary purpose was to design a system-wide model for Māori data governance to ensure data design, collection and dissemination supports iwi and Māori needs and aspirations.

The process was led by our mahi arm, Te Kāhui Raraunga Charitable Trust, with support from Statistics New Zealand. Independent facilitators, AATEA Solutions and Creative HQ, conducted a series of co-design wānanga with te ao Māori leaders and Crown agencies and produced two reports: Tawhiti Nuku and a Co-Design Review Report.

Tawhiti Nuku presents the outcomes of the co-design workshop, including the Māori Data Governance model - a waka hourua, and the next steps to move the model into its next phase. The Co-Design Review Report presents a Māori-Crown Co-design Continuum as an analytical framework which can provide guidance for co-design in other Māori and Indigenous contexts.

The two reports present models that can provide guidance, exemplars and benefits for Māori, Indigneous peoples and our wider communities. Data is a tāonga and when Iwi have the opportunity to govern, design and use their own data, iwi, hapu, whānau and communities flourish.

Māori Data Governance: About Us

What is Māori Data Governance?

Māori Data Governance: Video

Co-Design of Māori Data Governance with the Crown

Māori Data Governance: Video
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